Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Health Professionals

We specialize in the unique requirements of Nurses and Health Professionals. As a nurse/allied health professional you have a lot on your hands: juggling shift work, family, doing weekend shifts and/or night duty, as well as having salary packaging, keeping accurate records of your expenditure for your end of year Tax Return. You know taxation issues are important to get the best out of your Annual Tax Return, but in reality you do not always have time to follow everything through. We can help.

We specialize in nurse’s/allied health professionals Tax Returns! We will ensure that you will get the maximum benefit due to you. We are there to give the best advice based on our extensive experience assisting individual Health Care Providers.

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Individual Tax

We are experienced tax professionals. Our expertise is personal taxation. We provide our service at a location convenient to you. Our mobile services are available in all metropolitan areas of Melbourne as well as at some regional locations.


With your own Self Managed Super Fund you can control your retirement savings and you have the control of how it is invested. However, there are complex rules and regulations to ensure the compliance.