Expert Property Tax Accountants In Melbourne Structure, Grow & Protect Your Portfolio

Navigate the complexities of property tax in Melbourne with confidence. Our seasoned property tax accountants are here to guide you every step of the way.

From compliance to strategic planning, our suite of services covers:

Expert Property Tax Accountant in Melbourne Structure, Grow & Protect Your Portfolio

  • Property tax compliance

  • Tax deductions maximisation

  • Real estate tax consulting

  • Strategic property tax planning

  • GST & Capital Gain Tax Advice

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Our property accountants are often asked by clients for a ‘roadmap’ – a guide that shows them how they can achieve their version of happiness through wealth creation.
But we know that it’s not all about money. By helping you to make intelligent decisions about your finances now, you can maximise the one thing you can’t replace later: time.

We speak like accountants. We think like accountants. We don't charge like accountants.

We're a team of accountants and tax practitioners supporting individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals. Based in Melbourne we offer tax and accounting solutions: in person, online and over the phone.

#1 Property Accountants In Melbourne

Unlike most accountants, we don’t settle with offering just property advice.

Instead, we offer a full suite of taxation advice and accounting solutions to support your property needs:

  • Act as your business partner by advising on new ventures, investments and opportunities.
  • Guide your property investment decision-making through project feasibility and tax planning.
  • Depending on your needs, we'll set tax-effective structures that work for you, handling all paperwork and ongoing tax compliance on your behalf.
  • Maximise your returns through GST, capital gains and income tax advice.

Whether you're a property developer, a small business owner or an investor, our property accountants can help.


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Who We Work With

Property Investors

Property developments require careful planning, with tax-effective strategies essential for driving returns.

Diligent tax planning can help you realise tax savings, and offer asset protection (e.g. unit trusts).

Business Owners

Do you run your own business? Make sure your assets are secure from business and financial risks.

Our property accountants can advise on asset protection solutions, and setting up companies, trusts and other tax structures to protect your wealth.

Property Developers

Are your loans structured correctly? Get every credit and deduction you deserve through tailored tax planning strategies.

Our investment property accountants can help you build wealth, and minimise your tax bill along the way.

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Our Melbourne-based team of expert tax practitioners is dedicated to helping individuals
and businesses navigate the complexities of tax and accounting,
ensuring your financial success is always within reach.

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Small Business Accounting

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Business Advisory

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We Speak Like Accountants. We Think Like Accountants.
We Don't Charge Like Accountants.

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Secure Your Financial Future in Melbourne's Property Market

Don't leave your property investments to chance. With Melbourne's ever-evolving tax landscape, it's crucial to have an expert by your side. Our dedicated property tax accountants are here to guide you, ensuring maximum returns and full compliance. Dive into a hassle-free property tax experience tailored to Melbourne's unique market. Act now and secure your free consultation. Your financial future deserves Melbourne's best. Secure it today!

Structuring your property portfolio is an important tool for protecting your assets, minimising your tax liabilities and driving outsized returns.

Under this strategy, the discretionary trust (often referred to as a family trust) will acquire land, undertake development and sell the finished property/properties.

The proceeds can then be distributed to the beneficiaries of the trust, offering flexibility for your tax planning strategy.

To maximise the tax benefits of this approach, distributions are often made to children over the age of 18. To ensure compliance with tax legislation, all distributions must meet the rules outlined in Section 100A. Legislation surrounding distributions and structures is often complicated, but the rule clarifies that if a distribution to a child over the age of 18 is declared funds must be paid.

Beneficiaries of a discretionary trust usually also involve setting up a company, used as a vehicle to hold retained earnings that you may choose to not pay out to individual beneficiaries. The use of a company offers further tax planning flexibility, whilst also avoiding the need to consider tricky Division 7A rules.

In this structure, a company would be used to acquire land, undertake development and sell the completed project, all in its own right.

However, the key disadvantage of this structure is that if the entity accumulates profits, asset protection risk arises from any cash retained.

The shares in the company are ordinarily held by a corporate trustee for a discretionary trust.

This enables profits to be taxed at the company tax rate, however fully franked distributions are paid to a trust. The trust then pays out the distributions to beneficiaries, ensuring that final profits are taxed only at an individual's marginal tax rate.

One of the most common questions amongst property investors is whether to positively or negatively gear their property portfolios.

Depending on your situation, the tax advantages of negatively gearing your property may offer outsized returns.

How does a property tax accountant in Melbourne differ from a generalist accountant when managing real estate investments?

A property tax accountant specialises in the nuances of property taxation, particularly within the Melbourne and broader Victorian region. While a general accountant can manage a wide range of financial matters, a property tax accountant is specifically trained to handle the complexities of real estate investments. This includes understanding local Victorian tax laws, leveraging tax deductions available for property owners, and ensuring compliance with property-specific regulations. Additionally, with Melbourne's dynamic real estate market, there are often changes and updates in tax laws that a property tax accountant will be more attuned to. Whether you're a landlord, property developer, or investor, partnering with a property tax accountant in Melbourne ensures that you're maximising your returns while staying compliant with all local tax obligations.

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